Next Meeting On February 26th, 2018

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Eike Wenzel

How You Increase Your Turnover Through Innovations!

“Business-Punk” magazine calls him: “The trend researcher with the least amount of blabla”.

He is a member of the sustainability board of the government of Baden-Württemberg.

PhD. Eike Wenzel is one of Germanys most recognized trend and future researcher. He writes for national and international magazines, like “Wirtschaftswoche”, “HuffingtonPost”, “Enorm”, and “Zeit”.


According to the magazine Spiegel, he was the first German researcher to who started researching about the LOHAS. He founded his own company on future research and issues the newsletter “Megatrends!” and is THE webportal for trend and future research.


Together with Dirk Müller, “Mr. DAX”, he issues the newsletter “Cashkurs Trends”.

He inspires his audience with topics like; Megatrends and markets, demographic changes, sustainability, change of values and many more.

His last book #wir focuses on how the digitalization changes our every day life.

#1 IMN Club In Germany